Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Mark Barlow CEO

Mark Barlow CEOSupreme Overlord

Mark is the tip of Techvana with 30 years of IT and business experience under his belt. An avid collector of all things tech plus bit of a gamer. Mark together with his wife Katie laid the ground work of a computer museum 19 years ago which allows visitors to view and also interact with the exhibits on display now known as Techvana.


Mark has experience in the telecommunication industry working for the likes of spark (former telecom) one of the many projects he has worked on with is in the design and deployment of the GSM network being used to date in New Zealand. He also started a couple of other business ventures one of which introduced smart drinks to the New Zealand market which was the precursor to the popular energy drinks widely available in the market to date.

Katie Barlow CEO

Katie Barlow CEOBoosts team morale with power hugs

Katie is Marks endearing wife who put up with his collection which was the luggage that came with him hand delivered by his mother.
Katie is a top notch marketer who has worked for the likes of, Just Water, The Radio Network, Metrowaste, Corporate Promotions and partnered in a number of start-up businesses such as Dreamboats, Smartlife Nutrients Ltd and Nightlife Promotions.
Katie heads our sponsorship, PR and manages staff and volunteers. She is a believer that teamwork makes the dream-work which fits with this project as our team have a big vision for the future and are constantly required to think and innovate.

Dinith Cornett Workshop Manager
Workshop Manager

Dinith Cornett Workshop ManagerManages to fix everything in our technology collection except is own phone


Dinith handles the bulk task of restoring and repairing our collection up at Techvana. Has experience working in robotics, electronics. His past experience includes working in the manufacturing of electric bikes here in NZ which involved the designing and optimising of the parts being used on the bike.


A bike enthusiast who loves the outdoors and driving in each day on his beloved Kawasaki Ninja.

Shehan Guruge - Web Administrator and Developer
Web Admin & Developer

Shehan Guruge - Web Administrator and Developer” Allergic to Sleep “

Shehan handles our website and creation of 3D content, video editing and occasionally helping out in social media. Experienced in web design, 3D and 2D design and animation. An Audiophile amongst other things is “allergic to sleep” constantly working on multiple projects in the wee hours of the morning. Constantly motivated in learning and gaining more experience.

Writer/Graphic Designer
Writer/Graphic Designer

Writer/Graphic Designer” Converts steamed chicken to words”

Lance is a published columnist who has written for Kiwi publications such as SayWhat eMagazine, Artinzene, and Tall Poppies. He primarily handles Techvana’s social media channels and creates various written and visual content for the museum.

On his spare time, Lance can often be seen chomping down on chicken while playing video games.


Ronit Bishwakarma Programmer

Ronit Bishwakarma ProgrammerPonders upon life’s questions with his own poetry on a daily basis

Programmer, Poet seen plundering on life and ways to make learning even more accessible than it is in present. He works on all the programming requirements we have here at Techvana delivering top notch results each time. Having experience in programming for desktop, mobile and web platforms. He is a member that this team can’t live without.

Kevin Andreassend

Kevin Andreassend

What can we say about Kevin? Quite a lot actually inventor, businessman, photographer, consultant, manufacturer. He is one of our main supporters and also adviser when it comes to taking the next steps. His relationship with technology started when he had his first small home theatre at the young age of 8 years old in Timaru. As a child he was mesmerised with wireless technology like walkie talkies, was there when magnetic audio tapes and then the Philips audio cassettes came to NZ. He was one of NZ’s earliest wedding videographers and was part of the team that produced NZ’s first commercial for sale retail DVD. Kevin was an early owner of Amiga’s, Sinclair and IBM clone computers and his latest acquisition is a class set of Apple computers that will be put to good use at Techvana. His company ICE AV is now sought after world wide by companies who have specialist and unique display technology display requirements that are used in a diverse range of situations ..his byline “The Magic is in the Screen”. These have included submarine simulator, digital windows, daytime projection system. He invented the HoloDesk DJ system that can be used in commercial and entertainment situations and builds racing car simulators under the SimDeck brand. Many around the world now wish to represent him to access his products and expertise.


Kevin is passionate about all forms of technology that can are coming to the fore today, such as robotics, gesture control, interactive, 3D printing and is committed to sharing his knowledge, resources and expertise with those who engage with Technvana. His vision is to see Techvana become a global family and to create opportunities based around technology in all its various forms.

Ekaterina Pikulev Programmer

Ekaterina Pikulev Programmer



Kate hails from the shores of Moscow bringing her programming experience to the team. She has experience in Unity and Visual Studio which she has used to create walkthroughs both here and back in Russia. Adding to that she programs for desktop, mobile and web platforms along side Ronit.

Nathan Green Workshop Assistant
Workshop Assistant

Nathan Green Workshop Assistant
Nathan is the youngest member of team Techvana bringing his knowledge in retro technology and quirks to the table. He currently studies at Pakuranga High school. An excellent guide who has enlightened visitors giving them a roller coaster ride experience on the exhibits we have up on display. Assists Dinith our workshop manager in the process of diagnosing and restoration of our retro collection.


A budding collector of retro consoles he enjoys gaming on them more than current generation platforms. A joy work with often keeping us up to date on information on the collection which we house here at Techvana thanks to his sharp eye on detail.